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    Why choose OUR menu?

    Replaces laminate
    Synthetic self contained menu
    Many thickness options
    Easy to clean
    Lasts longer

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  • Let us make your MENUS look great.

    Many options available Gloss cars stock, Lamination and synthetic paper stocks. The Waterproof Menu is custom printed on a Waterproof Synthetic Paper created to withstand the harsh, every day restaurant elements.Registered Ink Print Co offers several manufacturing options including: Spiral Bound Menus, Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold Menus, and Single Page Menus. Our menus are available in numerous sizes, formats and thicknesses.The Waterproof Menu is washable and tear resistant.


    Synthetic papers are 100% recyclable, waterproof and tree free papers with tear resistance and durable physical attributes. Synthetic paper provide an excellent solution for varieties of applications such as high-end marketing, design project printing, art project printing, packaging labels and, restaurant placemats.

    Synthetic paper surface is 100% washable since there is no tree fiber sused and no liquid absorption will occur. This particulate attribute makes synthetic paper excellent choice for placemat printing by extending the life cycle of the placemat when cleaned and reused many times.

    Synthetic paper is tear resistance and extremely durable and thus perfect for restaurant placemats that have to be washed and re-used.

    Synthetic paper is ideal for heavy-duty application as well as high-end usage and art reproduction books. Registered Ink Print Co can apply special printing process to produce printed images on this paper since experience and expertise are essential when printing this type of paper.


    Call Registered Ink today, our menu and placemat printing process produces beautiful durable products that your customers will love.