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  • “Call us old-fashioned, but when we talk with you, we never think about making the sale. We focus on helping you do what’s best for your business.”

  • Marci and Christian

LOCAL people LOCAL printing.

Because as business owners, we rely on our vendors as trusted resources. And we feel you deserve the same from us.

We’re not only extremely honest, we know printing. As a Reno native, Christian knows how to successfully print for our local market. And after working in the industry since 1991, he geeks out on the technical requirements better than anyone I know.

Always on the leading edge, he was certified on one of the first digital presses in Reno. And he still leads the way at Registered Ink Printing Co by adopting the latest printers and computer software long before other printers in town.

For you, this often keeps options high, costs low, and the quality incredible.

I’m a 6th generation Reno native. Between our histories, Christian and I have a fierce loyalty for buying local and protecting local businesses. I know it sounds cliché, but our customers really do feel like friends. Because we take care of their businesses as if they’re our own.

We feel it’s a huge compliment that the area’s premiere graphic designers, largest companies, and other printers in Reno/Sparks trust their print jobs to us.

But we aren’t sitting back taking these compliments for granted. We earn their trust and loyalty every day. And we’re grateful you’re giving us chance to earn yours.